Hendrik Walther was born in 1989 in Rotenburg (Wümme), Germany and studied Technical Theatre Arts at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. He is something in between a theatremaker, lightdesigner and videodesigner.

In the last years he designed for lights and video for several production companies in the Netherlands as Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Noord Nederlands Toneel, Theater Utrecht or Theater Frascati.

Additionally he is getting more and more involved into lighting classical concerts of for instance Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Amstel Saxophone Quartet or The Concertgebouw.

Besides that, Hendrik produces his own performances, mostly together with choreographer/director Franziska Menge. Their Portfolio is visible here. Their performance FAMILIEALBUM won the Grand Prix at the „Student Theatre Festival“ in Belgrade and the 6 hour performance-installation WILDSTRAINING I IN THE FEARSOME ARMAMENTS I MILLENNIA was selected as one of the best works of the Amsterdam School of the Arts as well as for the ELIA NEW NOW Online Festival.

As somebody who is „in-between“ the fields, Hendrik likes the thought of the Gesamtkunstwerk, what also was his thesis about. His approach is to reach the best possible equality between every discipline on stage while everything is still essential and necessary.

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