Drie voorbeeldige mannen

Drie voorbeeldige mannen

There have been 3 people who really influenced my mind about art.

A theatrical reading of three dead persons

Rieks Swarte worked together with the class of Technical Theatre Arts to let Jan Kassies, Ritsaerd ten Cate and Jac Heijer come to life again.

Concept and Showmaster: Rieks Swarte
Performers: Martijn de Rijk, Freerk Bos, Yolanda Entius , Patrick Duitshoff and Vincent van den Berg
The Band: Hendrik Walther, Marieke Smits, Bauke Moerman, Xander van Dijk, Paul Meijer
Sound: Thomas Lloyd
Lights: Paul Romkes, Rody van Gessel
Production: Joren Rupert, Hendrik Walther

Video: Reynoud van der Molen

2013,  Theaterschool Amsterdam

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