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A physical theatre performance about family, food and love

Everybody has a family, but why is the family still important in a world of egoism and invidual fulfilment?
Why do we still wear our slipovers?

Concept, Stage-Design and directed by: Franziska Menge and Hendrik Walther
Performers: Lien Baelde, Jantien Fick, Bess Kuil, Thomas van Gerwen, Veerle Ruizendaal
Light-Design: Hendrik Walther
Sound-Design: Bauke Moerman
Technician: Joren Rupert
Production: Mirjam Zwanenburg
Supported by: Esther Eij

2013,  Theaterschool Amsterdam

This performance has received the Grand Prix at the student theatre festival of Belgrade. This is the statement of the jury:

Discipline, consistency, unity in style and above all –  an invaluable team work that at the same time, allows us to see unique individual colours is something that circles this firm theatre piece as a whole.
The seriousness of the topic that was chosen was told through a fresh, new and an authentic way and it corresponded with the members of the jury.
We admired the feeling and the rhythm they created concerning family values but also this shows statement of the imposed structures and an exhausting inability to cope with the imposed forms.


Photos by Reynoud van der Molen

The video of the performance