Glass on the roof

Glass on the roof

Philip Glass is one of the most influential and major composers of our time. During this concert the Amstel Saxophone Quartet plays Glass’ best work, combined with the work of composer and Glass enthusiast Anthony Fiumara. Electronic composer Kypski brings the various pieces together, creating an evening-long remix. A semi-staged concert in the style of Philip Glass’ former loft-happenings, in which genres and art mediums seamlessly flowed into one another. The Amstel Quartet will play their choice from his rich oeuvre, from young minimalism through to the more recent cinematic pieces.

For this special show I created minimalist video images in a Glassian vein and designed the stage and the lighting. 


Amstel Quartet

Remco Jak – soprano saxophone

Olivier Sliepen – alto saxophone

Bas Apswoude – tenor saxophone

Harry Cherrin – baritone saxophone

joined by

Pascal Meyer – synthesizer

Kypski – electronics


Hendrik Walther – video/light/stage-design

Thomas Myrmel – sound-design

Barbara Makkinga – artistic advice