‘Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.’ (HOMER, ODYSSEE)

He is artist and beast. He creates and destroys. He is head and body, lonesome wanderer and part of the universe. In his fearsome armament he strains wildly, in an everlasting in-between, from where he can not escape. Just like James Joyce writes in his novel Ulysses: ‚You can not eat a cake and have it.’

For their performance Menge, Walther and Moerman got inspired by texts from e.g. Friedrich Nietzsche, James Joyce and Heiner Müller. Furthermore they felt excited about the archaic story of Ulysses – the shipwrecked traveller who was captured in storms in search of his home port for years. Also the story of Sisyphus, who was doomed to eternal activity when rolling his stone up the mountain over and over again aroused the interest of the three makers.

Menge, Walther and Moerman choose the form of a classical triptych to be able to manifest their divergent associations on this big amount of (cultural) history. They thus show 3 tableaus side by side – 3 tableaus which create a field of tension. They can attract or push off each other, they can create a symbiosis, they can feed or debilitate each other. This field of tension is populated en intensified by 8 performers who become servant to the diverge forces. They surrender completely to the laws of this performance. The fascination for systems humanity has created even if they do not match with deeply human needs forms a starting point in WILDSTRAINING I IN THE FEARSOME ARMAMENTS I MILLENNIA.

WILDSTRAINING | IN THE FEARSOME ARMAMENTS | MILLENNIA is a long-endurance performance lasting for 6 hours and is a graduation performance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Concept & Direction Franziska Menge
Concept & Technical Direction & Video Hendrik Walther
Sounddesign Bauke Moerman
Lighting Varya Klosse
Productional Help Joppe Kos & Brian Verhagen
Cooperation Sounddesign Emile Lagarde

Performers  Jantien Fick, Ayrton Fraenk, Merel Franx, Bess Kuil, Emile Lagarde, Philipp Schledt, Semna Segal, Samuel van der Spek

Technical Supervision Tim Vleugel
Technicians Lieke Principaal, Jasper Nijholt, Grischa Runge-Ranziger, Yannick de Wit, Jordi Wolswijk


Photos by Thomas Lenden & Flore Muse

Moving impression